Expert Help for Old Electrical Systems

Older buildings with outdated electrical systems present their own unique and complicated problems. Not every electrician possesses the knowledge and skill to be able to repair or upgrade old systems, limiting a home or business owner on who they can turn to for professional help.

old outdated home electrical wiring photo

At Unlimited Electric, we pride ourselves on not only staying up-to-date with the latest and newest technologies but also possessing the know-how to service old and outdated systems. Our team, led by a Master Licensed Electrician, has services thousands of customers throughout the Rochester and Finger Lakes areas. If you own an old home or business property, you can feel confident when our electricians offer their services.

We service a wide variety of old systems, including:

  • Carter System
  • Lazy Neutral Switching
  • 2 Wire System

Modernize Your Old Wired Circuits

Old systems can be an inconvenience, inefficient, and worse a safety hazard. Insurance companies may refuse to cover or charge higher premiums for properties with older electrical systems.

You should consider updating your wiring if:

  • Your fuses blow or breakers trip regularly
  • Your lights regularly dim or flicker
  • You have discolored outlets and your switch plates get warm
  • Your property is over 40 years old

If you are looking to replace your current system with something new, look no further than Unlimited Electric to handle the job! Our Rochester electrical experts can guide you through the process and install the system properly. We offer affordable prices, financing options, and complete satisfaction in your new installation.