Regardless of whether you live in an older, historic home or operate your business from a facility that was built decades ago, having an outdated lighting system LED retrofitted offers a long list of benefits. For starters, LED is substantially more energy-efficient and cost-effective than traditional HID lighting systems, not to mention the role it plays in safety, comfort, and a wide range of other key considerations. Of course, the electrician you choose will play a fundamental role in the safety, efficiency, and performance of your new system.

room with upgraded led lighting

At Unlimited Electric, we’re proud to be regarded as one of the most trusted providers of residential and commercial LED retrofitting services in Rochester and throughout Western NY. If you’re in an older building and considering an upgrade, here are just a few of the many benefits of having LED lighting installed:

  • One of the most effective ways to reduce your monthly electric bills
  • LED lighting helps keep interior spaces cooler and far more comfortable
  • A more sustainable and environmentally-conscious alternative to HID lights
  • Significantly and instantly improves the quality of your indoor lighting
  • Promotes a safer home or business by decreasing the risk of sparks or fire
  • Allows your electrician the opportunity to inspect the safety of your system

When it comes to the process of LED retrofitting an older lighting system, there’s much more to it than merely swapping out some fixtures and flipping a switch. There are countless safety measures to address, making it something that should only be conducted by a highly-skilled electrician with proven experience and a vast understanding of older facilities. At Unlimited Electric in Rochester, NY, this is precisely what our master electricians bring to each project.

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