If you’ve never heard of Electrical Safety Month, it’s safe to say that you’re not alone. It’s not one of those things that the masses get excited about, and relatively new in comparison to other well-known awareness campaigns. In our industry, though, it’s a big deal. Summer is one of the worst months for electrical fires and fatalities, making it direly important to educate homeowners, schools and businesses on ways to protect their property, assets and most importantly, the people they care for.

MAY is Electrical Safety Month

ESFI, or the Electrical Safety Foundation International, is a not-for-profit organization that works to promote increased electrical safety at home, in school and on the job. May is Electrical Safety Month, and ESFI has developed a comprehensive campaign for 2021 with extensive resources on how to keep your property and people safe. They include:

  • Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts when charging electric vehicles
  • Solar PV electrical safety tips to keep your home safe and sustainable
  • Tips on keeping safe when working with temporary power supplies
  • Easy and effective ways to ensure that your home is safe and energy-efficient
  • An overview of the most popular home safety devices and what to look for
  • Expert advice on what to do when renovating your home to electrical code

We encourage everyone to visit the ESFI Electrical Safety Resource Center for in-depth details on any of the topics listed above, as they provide easy-to-understand information designed to help keep you safe and protected. As one of Rochester NY’s most trusted team of Master Electricians, we at Unlimited Electric invite you to learn more about the best ways to prevent electrical fires, or schedule an onsite inspection.

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