It’s understandable that very few homeowners ever give a second thought to their electrical box, especially when the lights are on and everything is functioning as it should.  But like all complex structures, the safety and proper function of a home’s electrical box is at the mercy of how well it has been maintained.  The technology needed to power up a home isn’t just complicated, it can be dangerous when left ignored over long periods of time.  This makes it incredibly important to schedule an annual electrical panel inspection.   

electrical panel box

At Unlimited Electric in Rochester, NY we understand how easy it can be to forget about what keeps our homes illuminated and safe.  Our electrical panel box inspections are comprehensive, affordable and a wise move for anyone looking to avoid more costly electrical problems in the future.  Here’s just a sampling of what our electrical box inspections cover. 

  • Detailed inspection to ensure proper clearance that’s free of clutter
  • A meticulous inspection of all wires and branch wiring components
  • Inspecting the integrity and condition of the panel box, screws and bonding
  • Evaluation of circuit breakers for function, safety and potential failures
  • A close inspection of all components for signs of oxidation, damage or corrosion
  • Any potential damage caused by rodents, including nesting, wire issues and more
  • Inspection for any visible signs of water, moisture or environmental exposure

When it comes to uninterrupted electrical reliability at home, and the need to keep your loved ones safe, it’s simply not worth ignoring the essential steps required to ensure years of worry-free function.  If it’s been some time since your last electrical panel box inspection, we encourage you to get in touch with Unlimited Electric in Rochester, NY to learn more or schedule an appointment.   

Unlimited Electric is based in Rochester and proudly serves the electrical needs of homeowners, schools and businesses throughout Western NY.  We can be reached by phone at 585-223-2157 during normal business hours, or through email by filling out the short contact form on our website