It’s both sad and ironic that most homeowners don’t become aware of the need for surge protection until after they’ve lost something of considerable value… some expensive stereo equipment, a computer loaded with irreplaceable work and personal data, the family’s fancy new television, etc.  Couple that with an increase in bizarre weather, and the very real fact that New York ranks 5th on the list of states with the most frequent lightning strikes, and the need for reliable whole-house protection becomes all too obvious.

At Unlimited Electric in Rochester, NY we’re continually working to educate homeowners on the need to take power outages and safety systems serious.  That said, here are just a few of the surge protection services we offer to help protect your home and any cherished belongings.

surge protection from unlimited electric

Whole House Surge Protection Systems

For those seeking the strongest and most reliable protection from power surges caused by lightning strikes and other issues, going with a whole-house surge suppressor system is absolutely the best move.  These superior-grade systems can withstand power surges that often can’t be stopped by smaller units and outlet-based device strips, as they connect directly to the home’s main system to more efficiently absorb the unexpected jolt of juice.

Secondary Surge Protection and Suppressors

Surge protection devices are rather familiar to most individuals, and you might even have one in your home right now.  On their own, they can help sustain the effects of minor power surges during storms and fluctuations at the local level, though they’re not really what you want in the event of a major surge capable of frying your electronics.  We recommend them as a complementary measure to help support whole-house surge protection, as they offer an even deeper level of protection.

Routine Electrical System Audits 

It’s important to know where you stand in terms of protection, as well as electrical vulnerability.  One of the best ways to do this is to schedule an audit of your home’s current electric system, components and wiring.  It can give you a realistic idea of how well or poorly your home will be able to sustain a direct strike or intense surge, while moreover giving your electrician the opportunity to identify any potential hazards, exposed wires or outdated system connections.

Call the Surge Protection Professionals in Rochester, NY

If you’re a homeowner in the Rochester region who’s interested in learning more about the many benefits of whole-house surge protection, or to schedule a complementary appointment with one of our Master Electricians, get in touch with Unlimited Electric Rochester today. 

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