While there’s never a good time to suffer a residential fire or serious electrical system failure, going through it during the frigid winter months can be especially stressful.  And when you factor in everything that’s been taking place throughout 2020, the process only becomes all the more stressful.  Many of us take our home’s electricity for granted, that is, until it stops working or causes more serious problems.  For these and many other reasons, it’s important to have your home’s electrical system inspected annually for safety and optimal function.

couple enjoying winter outside their safe home

At Unlimited Electric in Rochester NY, we’ve seen countless major problems that could have been easily prevented simply by having the system inspected and adjusted prior to the first deep freeze.  Here are just a few reasons to call us for a pre-winter electrical system inspection.

  • Over 30 years of professional experience in Rochester and Western NY
  • A staff of highly experienced Master Electricians with a keen eye for detail
  • We utilize today’s most advanced technology to detect common electrical issues
  • A safe, affordable and very effective way to reduce the risk of home electrical fires
  • We practice enhanced safety measures to help protect you and your loved ones
  • Specializing in all types of residential electrical systems, from old to ultra-modern

Ask anyone who’s been through a residential fire or catastrophic electrical system failure when the temperature was unbearably cold, and they’ll be the first to tell you… it’s simply not worth the risk.  Unlimited Electric offers fast, expert service and professional inspections to ensure that your home is ready for whatever the winter months can dish out.  Get in touch today to learn more, ask questions, or schedule a free consultation online or at your location.

Unlimited Electric is based in Rochester and has been proudly serving the WNY region since 1987.  Give us a call at 585-223-2157 or write to our staff via email through our website’s contact page.