Does My Home Need an Electrical Service Upgrade?

There are many reasons why a homeowner would choose to upgrade their electrical system. In some cases it’s a matter of necessity, such as a catastrophic failure of their current system, increased temporary blackouts, or lighting and appliance function that seems to get increasingly. Worse. Electrical components age over time and this can result in a wide array of issues ranging from overworked systems and excessive utility bills, to appliances that can’t perform as designed. For others, especially those with older homes, their current system may not be capable of handling the more demanding electricity needs of complex home theaters, high-output air conditioners and many other modern essentials. If any of the above sounds a bit too familiar, it may be time to have a qualified electrician evaluate and assess your current system.

electrical service box upgraded

When to Call an Experienced Rochester Electrician

Until rather recently, many homes were initially wired with the old industry-standard of 60 amps. Today however, it’s been estimated that a strong percentages of households are going with a baseline 200 amp system to handle all of the electronics and appliances we’ve come to rely on. If you’re not sure, a professional electrician can let you know and help you choose the best course of action. Here are a few things to consider when contemplating the need for an electrical service upgrade.

  • Homes that are over 30 or 40 years old
  • Electrical systems currently running on 60 amps
  • Lights that dim and flicker, or appliances that stop working
  • Homes without standard three-prong electrical outlets
  • An increased need for power strips and extension cords
  • The recent installation of a home theater, central AC, and more…
  • Visible damage to any part of your current electrical system

We can’t overstate the importance of NOT attempting a project of this magnitude on your own. People are severely injured and electrocuted every year as a result of making contact with live wires, breakers and electrical components. Save yourself the time, trouble and potential risks by calling an electrician who knows exactly what to look for and how to properly configure your new panel, wiring and breaker for safe and efficient usage.

The Master Electricians Rochester NY Trusts

At Unlimited Electric in Rochester NY, we’ve upgraded electrical systems and panels on every type of home in Western NY, and staff a team of experts who know how to ensure a flawless, efficient upgrade from start to finish. Get in touch by phone at 585-314-8900 for more information, or write to us anytime through our website’s contact portal.